Why I love running with the ERNIES?

For me, running isn’t just about exercise. It’s also a way for me to connect with likeminded people and de-stress. I find it so difficult to get up early to go for a run alone. But when I meet up with the ERNIE team for a morning run I’m excited about getting out and catching up with the crew whilst getting some fresh air and fitness. There’s no pressure to run fast and all of the ERNIE’s are so supportive and encouraging. The goal is to be the best runner that you can be- it’s not about beating anyone else.

What is your favourite distance?

My favourite distance is the marathon because it feels like a big adventure. Plus there’s room for error. Unlike the shorter distances where you have to go all guns blazing from the very beginning, with a marathon I feel like I can ease into the run and enjoy the scenery and have a chat with fellow runners. The real race only begins at 30km and then it becomes a challenge between your body and mind, which I absolutely love.

One tip for someone who have never run before.

Don’t think that you can’t run. I was one of those people who always said “I’m not a runner”. Start small, grab a friend, and have achievable goals such as doing parkrun once a week, and before you know it you will be improving and become addicted. And don’t feel any pressure to run a certain distance or time- just enjoy it.

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