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The ERNIE Run Club are proudly affiliated with the Ashgrove Rangers Athletic Club.   “The Rangers” are one of the more active track, field and cross country clubs in Brisbane, having been around for over 60 years.   They offer formal training sessions and also provide an opportunity to enter events (both individual and team) to take your running to the next level. 

Base membership is only $32 a year and this covers insurance, coaching at reduced prices and the ability to compete as an Ashgrove Ranger in races.   Training takes place at The Gap State High School, UQ and Arana Hills. All details can be found here

If you run with The ERNIE Run Club but want to branch out beyond social running, we encourage you to join up with the Ashgrove Rangers.   For more information about the Ashgrove Rangers please visit Ashgrove Rangers or to join up please visit the QA website – Queensland Athletics (

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