Aaron R

Why do you love running with the Ernies?

The ERNIES are such a fun group of people from all around the world. Everyone is friendly, supportive and encouraging. There’s no pressure to run at a certain pace as we are all at different levels. I love my ERNIE runs as we have great banter whilst achieving goals.

What is your favourite distance?

My favourite distance is 10-15km. It’s long enough to feel like you’ve had a great workout but short enough to still chat the whole way and not feel broken at the end!

One tip for someone who have never run before.

Start today, it’ll be the best thing you ever do. It has literally changed my life. I started around 5 years ago by going to parkruns once a week just walking and jogging and now I’m about to attempt my first marathon. Running has not only helped my energy levels but has also been great for my mental health. Most importantly I’ve made great friendships along the way.

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