Why I love running with the ERNIEs?

I am so grateful for the ERNIEs! They are my running family and I love catching up with them even if it sometimes means getting up before 4am in the morning! We share awesome adventures and the positive support and encouragement always makes my day! We inspire one another to start our day delighted and on a high😊! Even if it is just a brief passing wave, the ERNIEs always make me smile!

What is your favourite distance?

Definitely the marathon! It scares and excites me whenever I think of a marathon! Before 2017, I would never have remotely contemplated ever doing a marathon! From start to finish the entire journey of a marathon is an amazing feat of physical and mental grit and determination. You really can’t predict how it is going to go and the sense of achievement in crossing the finish line is truly amazing. Even when I can barely walk I am already thinking of doing the next marathon 🤣

One tip for someone who have never run before.

Prepare your gear the night before or even sleep in them. As soon as you wake up in the morning, don’t think and just get out of bed and out the front door. It is not a race, start slow and just walk with short jogs at your own pace. Make it an adventure by exploring your neighbourhood and going places and paths you have never been! It really is amazing what you find out there. Enjoy the moment!

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